Yxoss CBR® - Augmentation Volume

On request, ReOss® calculates the necessary augmentation volume for your case planning. This calculation is free of charge for you. You obtain the data together with a 3-D design proposal made by our ReOss® design center. The volume is given in cubic millimeters. The advantage is that an exact prediction is provided for the amount of bone required and the harvest of precisely as much bone needed for the augmentation can be planned. In addition, this also allows accurate advance planning of the amount of bone substitute material needed.

Harvesting of autologous bone

An example:

The calculated volume is 1000 mm³ = 1 cm³. You plan a mixture of autologous bone to bone substitute material of 50/50.

This means that (V) 0.5 cm³ of autologous material must be harvested. Using a hollow trephine drill with the inner diameter (D) of 8 mm, a bone cylinder is harvested and with the following formula

H = V / ( π * (D / 2)² ) * 1000

a drilling depth (H) of approx. 10 mm is derived.


Based on the augmentation volume and the desired mixture you can calculate the drill depth to harvest a certain amount of bone.

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With this portal you will be able to have patient-specific CBR® meshes made for accurate bone augmentation. Before placing an order you can request a cost estimate. For this we need some information from you and request the following:

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